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Mowers, manufactured by Pronar UK are a excellent choice for farmers with extensive grassland at their disposal. They are the producer of multiple machines suited for various purposes. Use our products to give your estate the correct look and feel. Weeding and trimming are at their best with the Pronar certified mowers

Pronar PDF390 front mounted disc mower is modern, built on new materials and technologies. Modern design, compact, solid and light construction distinguish it from other products.Depending on the terrain it is necessary an optimally height of cutting adjusted. The settings can be adjusted by by lengthening or shortening the fittings. Optimal inclination of cutting bar with regard to the Grodnu is from 4º do 5º. Clean cutting and required cutting height can be achieved in this way. PronaR PDF390 front mounted disc mower is adjust to work with FORTSCHRITT self-propelled mowers series E301-E303 equipped with front PTO shaft (900 rpm/min).
    Due to the quick replacement of blades at the front and at the back of the cutter bar.
    Components in direct contact with the ground are made of hardened boron steel.
    Gears with ground teeth that reduce noise.
    The right shape of discs ensures lower cutting resistance and power demand during cutting.
    Extensive range of inclination facilitates enables operation on uneven and steep surface

Other models include:
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Disc Mower Pdt260
Disc Mower Pdt260 C - with conditioner
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Disc Mower Pdt300 C
Larger sizes available